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Key cultural, promotional and tourism events organized by the Municipial Office

Towns and Municipalities Tournament of the “Land of Loess Ravines” – first organized in 2007; an annual event each year organized by a different commune which has to be a member of the Local Tourist Organisation “Land of Loess Ravines.” The aim of the event is to promote and present the rich tourist and cultural offer, as well as the cultural and artistic potential of the region.

Christmas Market – cultural and promotional event, initiated by the TWO RIVERSIDES Association, and today organized mainly by the Municipal Office. Visitors can admire the works of art of folk artists, buy unique gifts or Christmas decorations (made using traditional techniques), etc. The heart of the event is at the Kazimierz Dolny market square, where every year since 2007 organizers set up a small town of Christmas stands and stalls, crammed full of interesting regional products, souvenirs and Christmas presents. One of the main attractions of the Christmas Market is Santa Claus who comes to the event with a bag full of gifts for the kids. Apart from the culinary attractions at the Christmas Market, interesting art happenings also take place during the event (the previous editions included: performance by the Cum Musica choir from Poniatowa, concert of Christmas carols by the students from local schools, concert of Kairos band in the parish church, meeting with Jerzy Zelnik (actor) in the House of Maria and Jerzy Kuncewicz, promotion of the book by Hanna and Jerzy Lis Slavic Cuisine, concert of Piotr Rodowicz Trio band (jazz arrangements of Christmas carols). 

All-Poland Regional Food Fair “Develop a Taste for Kazimierz” – a town event which promotes the culinary traditions of Kazimierz Dolny region and which gives the participants a chance to try the specialties of the local cuisine. The Fair, which reminds the participants of centuries-old traditions of trade fairs and markets in Kazimierz Dolny, is a great chance to taste traditional dishes and products made from local produce, and to get to know the local culinary customs and traditions. 

Kazimierz Dolny Collectors’ Fair – organized by the Commune at the Vistula embankment (between June and October 2009) together with “Willa Bohema,” “Dwa Księżyce” and “Zajazd Piastowski” hotels. The Fair used to be a meeting place for collectors and art lovers, where they could exchange their experience, complete their collections and buy new pieces of antiques. People attending Collectors’ Fairs in Kazimierz Dolny had a chance to see French furniture, Venetian glass, porcelain, old clocks, militaria, coins, stamps, paintings, jewellery and many other interesting items. 

“Artist’s Colony” Painting Festival – organized in September 2009 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the first plein air painting session in Kazimierz Dolny and as a tribute to the organizer of the session, Post-Impressionist Władysław Ślewiński. It is a common initiative of the Municipal Office and Faculty of Art at the UMCS in Lublin. The idea behind the event was to remind people of the living tradition of outdoor painting workshops in Kazimierz Dolny. The Festival has attracted the most prominent Polish landscape painters and it created an opportunity to present the works of art painted by the artists associated with the Kazimierz Confraternity of Art. One of the most important parts of the Festival was the outdoor painting workshop for students of fine arts school from the entire country, carefully selected in an open competition.

European Heritage Days – Europe’s biggest social and educational event, the most important festival of historically valuable elements of culture. The idea of this joint action was spawn on October 3, 1985, in Granada, Spain, at the 2nd European Conference of Ministers responsible for Architectural Heritage, when the French Minister of Culture proposed that the project be internationalised as an Open Monumentendag event, organized in 1984 in France for the first time. It was the very first time when sites and objects to which admission was previously restricted, could be visited free of charge. The events were so popular in different countries that in 1991 they were united as European Heritage Days at the initiative of the Council of Europe. The event is a perfect opportunity to present the rich cultural heritage of Kazimierz Dolny and to disseminate knowledge on the town. In September 2009 our commune had the honour to organize the Provincial Inauguration of the EHD, which proved to be a splendid cultural and artistic event, especially owing to the great involvement of the local community. Several thousand tourists and local residents visited the castles in Kazimierz Dolny and in Bochotnica during a few days of the event.