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The main sectors of our economy are tourism and agriculture. The total number of businesses in Kazimierz Dolny has been steadily increasing for many years now. The most popular sectors of businesses registered in Kazimierz Dolny include services and commerce (services provided to tourists, gastronomy, hotel industry, sale of souvenirs and works of art, construction services, passenger transport). However, there are no large manufacturing or industrial plants operating in Kazimierz Dolny (almost the entire area of our commune is located within the Kazimierz Landscape Park). The structure of our economy includes small and medium businesses (the major ones have only a few dozen employees).

Kazimierz Dolny and its environs offer very good conditions to develop tourism, agritourism and auxiliary services.

Kazimierz Dolny and the villages around it are attractive not only as recreation sites. The entire area has enormous natural potential, it is famous for its rich culture and is associated with the artistic traditions of the people living in the town and its surroundings (artistic community, cultural events). We are also proud of our rich cultural and handicraft traditions.

Soccial issues and needs:

  • somewhat seasonal character of tourism and recreation which does not allow for taking full advantage of the values of Kazimierz Dolny and the commune,

  • insufficient structure of tourism facilities, including equipment, as well as recreational and athletic facilities (e.g. not enough bicycle lanes and paths, no all-year-round water tourism attractions, no sports arena, not enough tennis courts, insufficient use of the Vistula, etc.),

  • no all-year-round cultural infrastructure facility (concert room, theatre, movie theater, etc.),

  • insufficient use of natural, tourist and recreational areas of the commune located outside Kazimierz Dolny (large potential for the development for agritourism, ecotourism and geotourism),

  • insufficiencies regarding artistic education, development of economic offer related to culture and art.