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The allure of Kazimierz Dolny in the autumn and winter

Kazimierz Dolny is always vibrant with life, especially in the summer, when it is bustling, lively and teeming with tourists. However, those who would like to enjoy the tranquillity and quaintness of this charming small town should come to Kazimierz Dolny in the autumn or winter, when one can fully experience its cosiness and “provincial murmur.”

In the autumn, there are not many tourists here, which makes the town more quiet, as if it was put in slow motion mode. Autumn is the perfect season for experiencing the spirituality and specific atmosphere of Kazimierz Dolny. It can even make one understand, appreciate and fall in love with this enchanting township. The abundant green areas gradually turn from warm colours to a golden yellow. If you have experienced the autumn fogs of Kazimierz Dolny, if your nostrils have filled with wet and smoky scent of hornbeam leaves lining the gorge floor – consider yourself lucky. Surely, in your thoughts you will go back to this small town to immerse yourself in silence and serenity of these magical autumn evenings. This is where the September evening sun and the October rustle of the fallen leaves intersperse with the memories of the summer brimming with the bright white of clouds, vivid blue of the sky and fading green of fields bleached by the sun.

Winter is the least-known season in Kazimierz, but it is as fascinating as during any other time of the year here! The whiteness and brightness of the snow cover overshadows the muted colours of roof tiles and the deep brown of the shingled roofs. When the last autumn leaves fall to the ground, the frozen hills of Kazimierz Dolny, interlaced with deep gorges and ravines, reveal their mighty prominences. You can feast your eyes on this superb view! This is a challenge for the tireless walkers, but also a great fun for children who know how to use the winter valleys to the fullest.

Winter attractions: You can take a group winter sleigh ride to enjoy an outdoor bonfire party and grilled sausages or you can enjoy a private sleigh ride. Some boarding houses owners offer their guests with XC skis and sleds. Active leisure seekers can rent a snowmobile, set off on a trip in an off-road vehicle or visit the town with a tour guide. At the Christmas Tree on the market square, the visitors can get onto the sleigh and have a photograph taken with the Snow Queen.

The autumn and winter season is also the time of literary societies meetings in the “Kuncewiczówka” villa, Saturday klezmer music concerts at “Knajpa U Fryzjera” pub, as well as painting and photography exhibitions at the Kazimierz Culture Centre. In early December we organize the annual Christmas Market and the Regional Food Fair “Develop a Taste for Kazimierz” (Polish: “Zasmakuj w Kazimierzu”). Also, this is when you can meet Santa Claus who gives gifts to kids. In 2010, a ski slope with a terrific vantage point was opened only 2 km away from the market square. It offers two ski trails (500 m and 250 m long) with a T-bar lift, equipment rental service, as well as skiing and snowboarding lessons taught by professional instructors. The slope is regularly snowed and it is well-illuminated. A restaurant is available on the spot.